Smarthome Adventures

I started down the smarthome path about a year ago when we installed a Netgear Arlo wireless camera system. I have since replaced that system with the Nest Outdoor cameras, though I may put the Arlo back into use in a new location. I also have several D-Link network cameras awaiting install. I typically only […]

EDC (Every Day Carry)

A few months back I finally became frustrated with the amount of crap I always seem to have on my person. On weekends I was constantly heading to the garage to get whatever tool was needed or during the week I had a mess of keys in my pocket, a wallet that was driving my […]

Hello world!

Yes, it’s time to make a return, some sort of a return anyways. I’m not completely sure what will be posted to this site and I’m definitely sure I will let it go stale from time to time. Stay tuned…