A few months back I finally became frustrated with the amount of crap I always seem to have on my person. On weekends I was constantly heading to the garage to get whatever tool was needed or during the week I had a mess of keys in my pocket, a wallet that was driving my back nuts and so on…

Thus began my EDC lifestyle transformation, I now have a minimalist wallet, organized keys and a basic multi-tool on my on the weekends. My work keys live on a Keysmart Rugged with bottle opener and the 2-14 key extension. No more jingling pockets. In the quest to revamp my wallet situation, I came across Recycled Firefighter, this is superb, quality stuff that’s affordable. I have both a Sergeant and Rookie front pocket wallet that I switch back and forth between (actually I have two sergeants because I couldn’t decide on colour) and no longer sit on a wallet. Life changing would be the word to use here. I also use the Nite Ize S-Biners for my other keys, simple and functional.

On the weekend I carry a Gerber Ripstop I as well as a Gerber Dime (black). I find these to be very easy to carry in my pocket and use them all of the time. Next up I would like to get a Gerber Center Drive but that’s a large size increase and won’t be on me at all times.

I also want to get an EDC pouch, likely from Maxpedition or Vanquest to house items I frequently need (pen, flashlight, cables, notepad, etc…) as well as some of those necessities. It’s part of an ongoing EDC build that I’m taking my time to put together. It needs to work for me, and only those items I really need at hand will be a part of it.

I find Everydaycarry.com a great place to start.

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