I started down the smarthome path about a year ago when we installed a Netgear Arlo wireless camera system. I have since replaced that system with the Nest Outdoor cameras, though I may put the Arlo back into use in a new location. I also have several D-Link network cameras awaiting install. I typically only buy the stuff when it’s on sale or clearance and have saved a bundle. Home Depot clearance and Habitat for Humanity ReStores are great places to visit frequently, I’ve picked up many of my smarthome devices from both. Redflagdeals is also another great place to watch for deals.

Here’s a list of our current smarthome devices and integrations.

The Sinope thermostat system is great and is one of the only options available for baseboard electric heat. It’s made in Canada, cost is very similar to a regular programmable thermostat and will save you a bundle on your electricity bill if you have electric heat. We’ve also converted a majority of our lights/bulbs to LED in the house as we renovate. A few of my future plans are:

  • Rheem comfort wifi module for our Rheem tankless gas water heater
  • A couple more outdoor cameras for monitoring the property
  • Finish installing the Quirky Tapt switches and Cree connected bulbs
  • Work on the Neviweb API integration with Home Assistant
  • Get the rest of the family using these tools, my wife has the Nest app and Ring app, she’s always intrigued by the alerts and it’s nice to see who’s at the door without getting up. Peace of mind for me.

2 comments on “Smarthome Adventures

  1. Hey, did you ever get the Sinope API intergrated into Home Assistant? I have figured out the API but I do not know enough python to write the component. Please let me know if you have made any progress.

    1. At this point I’ve got the information for the Sinope API however I haven’t had any time to put into getting things going. I know there was someone else looking at this integration however nothing has come of it. I’m hoping this summer to put some time into it, if not sooner.

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